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Acon is usd to tat high blood pssu (hyptnsion) and to pvnt hat attack in popl with coonay aty disas.

W a consistntly pushing limits to st bnchmaks to catch up th global P standads. W hav achivd milstons acoss bods by complting sval P pojcts o uop, Middl ast, Austalia, Indonsia and oth South ast Asian countis. W a conidnt that w a abl to povid xcllnt svics and sults o ou customs, and th highst P quality poducts a assud.

Vasodilatos a a class o dugs that doctos pscib to many disass and conditions. This typ o mdicin dilats, o opns, blood vssls (atis and vins) so that th hat can pump sh oxygn and blood to th body mo icintly.

Conditions that may caus vy low blood pssu includ: vomiting, diaha, havy swating, hat disas, dialysis, a low salt dit, o taking diutics (wat pills). Tll you docto i you hav a polongd illnss that causs diaha o vomiting.

WANING: This dug can caus sious (possibly atal) ham to an unbon baby i usd duing pgnancy. Tho, it is impotant to pvnt pgnancy whil taking this mdication. Consult you docto o mo dtails and to discuss th us o liabl oms o bith contol whil taking this mdication. I you a planning pgnancy, bcom pgnant, o think you may b pgnant, contact you docto immdiatly.

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